Clash of clans smart tricks

Clash of clans has emerged as an interesting game which has involved both young and adults. The game requires minimum attention when playing. Can be addictive because most of its elements are fair and easy to solve. So as to become the best amongst your friends, you need to follow instructions that are provided in the guideline. Surprisingly, kids can play comfortably and emerge as winners. Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks are discussed below, one important is the clash of clans hack.

In order to get somewhere in clash of clans you have to be equipped with resources based on the game. Clash of clans have to be quickly established as a resource collector so as to get somewhere. By doing this, it helps in building the game army and attacking village within a while. Remember every minute spent in searching resources villages are not burnt and so you can focus on collection of resources first and thus, you may find yourself doing it in the right way.

Ensure that maximum number of elixir and gold are build and collected as leveled by the town hall. The collectors need to be leveled frequently. So as to level your town hall quickly, you need to store more quantity of resources. Upgrade the town hall especially in the first levels of the game which is of great importance.

Gold and elixir are rated and produced at a constant and predictable rate. To get clear information on the number of times you are checking on your clan, take a look on the resource generators. Herein, you will know the rate at which gold and elixir are produced. Each system can hold total amount before dumping them in storage containers. When your resource collectors are at the same level, set an alarm to remind you. So as to ensure that you are not wasting time whenever the collectors are full. Thus, the village grows at a high and faster rate.

School of dragons short review

school_of_dragons_logoSchool of dragons is a game set on the island of berk.this is a place where dragons and Vikings coexist though not without some setbacks. Your character is young Viking who get the opportunity to raise and bond with a dragon basically growing up together.

Berk is not a monstrous place but it still has its fair share of amazing places to see. The game places its emphasis on interaction and bonding of humans and dragons. Part of the game is similar to many virtual pet games as you manage the dragon’s level of hunger and happiness.

In this game you get a farm which serves as a place to customize and a production center for important items that might help you. It is not like a scaled version of Farmville.

The game has a strong learning theme that runs throughout the game and parents are assured that their children will achieve something useful besides entertainment. And to not saying that I am selfish, I will share this with you: Dragon School Game.

Warlord with Castle clash hack

Warlord with Castle clash hack

Castle clash is an exciting game where you build your fortress and realm, battling other players to become a powerful warlord. Castle Clash can be quite addictive, but the only problem is you need to gather gems in order to get builders to make your fortress and heroes to fight your battles, and this takes a lot of time. If you find you are losing more than you are winning in this game, you have two options. You can either spend real money to get gems or you can find a Castle Clash hack to get gems.  One you can find here. Of course you do always have a third option of just hanging in there and eventually you will level up, but this could take weeks or even months depending on how much you play. The other two options will allow you to level up quicker so you can take advantage of the elite elements of the game and actually win some battles.

If you vie to actually spend your money on this game, you will find yourself spending quite a bit of money. There are gambling elements to Castle Clash that makes it easy to lose your money before you even get to spend it on gems and upgrades, so you may spend your money and still find yourself struggling in the game. The second option is to find a Castle Clash hack and get your gems and upgrades for free. If you go this route you really need to be very careful, as there are many Castle Clash hacks that claim to help you get gems and upgrades, but in reality they are Trojan horses that could do anything from spam ads to your phone to stealing your personal information from your phone. In general, you should really never install any program or utility on your phone unless you are 100% sure of it’s nature and feel safe with the publisher. Unfortunately, with a Castle Clash hack, this is nearly impossible as most of these are written by publishers you have never heard of with no history to research.

Castle clash hack can looks like this

Fortunately there is another type of Castle Clash hack that makes it safe and easy to get gems and upgrades to your phone without having to download and install any potentially dangerous software. This type of Castle Clash Hack actually resides on the internet and does not require any downloading. You would go to the Castle Clash hack website, enter a few details (such as your user name, how many gems you would like, etc.) and then click submit. The site will then apply the hack to your account, without you ever touching your phone. Since this type of Castle Clash hack is on the web and not on your phone, it is impossible to transmit any kind of Trojan app to your phone.

You can use castle clash hack for this nice game

So, if you find yourself playing Castle Clash often but find yourself running out of gems and taking way too long to upgrade, you can fork over your cash (or shovel over your cash in most cases) and upgrade that way, or you can go online, find a good Castle Clash hack that operates over the web and get your gems, mana and gold (and other resources as well) and upgrade your heroes and resources to become a warlord in no time, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the game without having to spend a dime.

A look on the Nintendo handheld consoles

Nintendo handheld consoles

Nintendo has been sprinkling smiles on passionate gamers’ faces for a long time now. It is a pioneer when it comes to the gaming world. The portable consoles by Nintendo make it easy for the gamers to play anywhere while on the go. The consoles in the Nintendo 3DS family showcase exclusive game titles that cannot be found anywhere else. The games that are available exclusively on the Nintendo consoles are Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing and Pokémon. All these games are of classic status and hence, their charm never fades away.

The gamer is able to download any of the aforementioned games and play them directly over the system. It is not only the exclusivity of games that Nintendo consoles are popular for, but they also provide immense features to the gamer while playing. The access to Nintendo eShop is one of those incredible features. Apart from the access to Nintendo eShop, the console also provides for wireless connectivity in order to play with friends. A parental control can also be exercised in such consoles.

The Nintendo consoles that are heavily popular in the current times are Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS. These consoles provide the user with a social gaming feature that helps you play with the other people without any hassles.

Now after getting an overview about the current Nintendo consoles, let us study about them in further detail:


  1. Nintendo 3DS XL:

Nintendo 3DS XL is certainly one of the best current Nintendo consoles in the market. It is available in as many as four colors with the price tag of $199.99. It enables the user to play games either in 3D mode or 2D mode depending on the desire of the gamer. Not only can you play your favorite games over this console, but you can also click pictures whenever you need with its in-built camera. The screen size of this console is 4.88 inches which is big enough to enjoy the game with great enthusiasm. Softwares such as AR Games, Face Raiders, Mii Maker, Activity Log, Nintendo eShop and Nintendo 3DS camera are all available in the Nintendo 3DS console. Weighing only 12 ounces, Nintendo 3DS XL is certainly a great treat to the passionate gamers and there is no other reason why it is rated higher among the other current Nintendo consoles.



  1. Nintendo 2DS:

Nintendo 2DS is available in two colors namely Crimson Red and Electric Blue. It can be bought at the price tag of $129.99. The games can be played in a 2D mode. An interesting feature in Nintendo 2DS is that it enables the user to take pictures in 2D and 3D using the console’s in-built camera. AR Games, Face Raiders, Mii Maker, Activity Log, Nintendo eShop and Nintendo 3DS camera are all softwares that are an integral part of the console. It weighs 9 ounces and very easy to handle. This is what makes it one of the best current Nintendo consoles in the market.


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